Why Wear Wide Leg Jeans

I have a special love for wide leg jeans. I even have a special section in my closet for this hard to find type of jean. These jeans can only be worn with heels, otherwise they will be too long. In return, allowing these jeans to kiss (touch) the floor makes your leg look longer and you will appear taller.

I love the pocket shape on these jeans, it looks likes it straight out of the 70's era.

I paired it with a fitted sky blue sweater top to keep a more fitted appearance.

The suspenders added a special fashionable touch. I was asked earlier this year on how to wear suspenders. I thought this outfit was a great example on how you can wear patterned suspenders. I will continue to wear this accessory, which adds color and a slight pattern to any outfit.

My heels were nude, even though they aren't being shown.

Blue sweater~ Mossimo


Suspenders-~ Archived

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