Inspired by this layout in Instyle Magazine-Halle Berry

I love collecting magazines or anything I can look back to for inspiration. I came across InStyle Magazine featuring Halle Berry. I was intrigued by a layout featuring Ms. Berry. The featured look was dark and exuded confidence. Her style was simple yet bold. I was so inspired by this look of boldness I had to do my version.

As a photographer, I definitely wanted to portray the darkness of the inspired image. Next, the styling was done simply with a white tank and leather pants. I decided upon a larger bracelet to dress my arm. I was really drawn to the row of earrings featured on Halle. After looking thru my collection of jewelry I came across a row type diamond faux earrings. I knew these earrings would finalize this inspiration duplication.

I love the bold dark eye makeup on Halle. I decided to do the same but I wanted the light to catch my eyes more so I add a mixture of Vaseline with my eyeliner and shadow. The dewy bronzed effect was created with my favorite Mirabella bronzer. My lips was kept neutral with a brown lipliner topped off with a little gloss.

I love being inspired by all things beautiful. This look could have been achieved with a male, caucausian, or anyone who wanted to capture the confidence of Halle's image.

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